Monday, July 4, 2011

Seattle Peeps


Mariana said...

Great pictures!!! You got me even more excited for my trip to Seattle in a couple of weeks.
I bet the guy with the sign "Need money for pot" was by Pike Market...he's there every day with the same sign. Funny!
Thanks for sharing these lovely moments.

Jessie said...

I guess if I dyed my hair hot pink I would fit right in. lol Great pictures. :)

Peggy said...

Thank you Mariana!

Hi Jessie, I love pink hair! The three girls by the pier actually had that Ronald McDonald red hair, like the girl in the first picture. I'm not sure why I colored that photo the way I did, except that it seemed to work. Rihanna has obviously made that hair color very popular - I saw it everywhere in Seattle.

Haley Litzinger said...

PEGGY you are so talented!!! For some reason I really like the guys with one giving the westside hand. It looks like they should be wearing Gucci in a magazine. Great job!!!

Peggy said...

Thanks so much Haley-honey!