i like to take pictures. i see beauty in the ordinary, mundane, abandoned, gritty and raw. i feel compelled to share the beauty i see. my favorite subjects are fragments of the city and urban detritus. i also like to document the way the sky appeared at the moment of beauty.

i believe that art elevates a city and am greatly interested in public, upcycled, guerrilla and street art.  most photos will be on these themes, but i will also be posting various experiments in photography.

this blog is dedicated to my brother and sister-in-law who gave me my first digital camera and opened up a whole new world to me. i was always blessed with the eye but not the resources, until then. thank you for that.

all photos on this blog have been taken by me and are my property. feel free to use my images with proper credit.  all photos are available as prints.  send me an email at robertspeg@yahoo.com if interested in purchasing a print.

thanks for visiting! your comments and emails make my day! xxoo